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Wario & His Wacky Mini-Games Hit WiiU

Since 2003 the WarioWare games have both entertained and weirded out gamers and critics alike on the Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS, and the Wii. Now Mario's evil doppelgänger is looking to invade the WiiU on its launch date with the tentatively titled Game & Wario.

At E3 I was able to give two of the featured mini-games a try. The first, a game simply titled "Ski," has the player take control of the character Johnny as he tries to ski down a long slope in the fastest time possible. You will hold the Gamepad controller vertically as Johnny slides down the slope, as you try to make jumps and avoid hazards. The quicker the time, the better the medal you'll receive at the end of the run.

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