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ESH Podcast Episode # 297: I'm In It For the Gadgets -- Health Is Just a Bonus

Go Go Gadget Gym membership?!

Monday has tuned come full circle and has brought a new morsel of awesomeness with it. That's right a brand new ESH Podcast. Ninja and Panda are on some the "health wellness" tip these days, talking about incorporating more health related activities into their gaming lives. Panda attempts quasi visits to the gym, and doing Turbo Fire at home. Ninja has cut back on some of the not-so-good-for-you-foods but has added gadgets!

So while Ninja starts off on the physical fitness side of the world, Panda focused on the mental health side by talking about the negative effects of trolling. The concept isn't new and has reached new saddening heights. No woman is safe--no matter what her status is in the video game industry. It NEEDS to stop. Accepting the behavior allows it to continue. However there is ALWAYS a silver lining and sometimes the involvement of trolls brings about something positive (For Us- Not the trolls)

Here's a link to an article that highlights what happened in the Women Vs Tropes kickstarter from over on EGMNOW.com

Here are the titles that haven't met their fitness goals this week:
Skeeball Is Not Golf

Trippin' On a Skipit

My Kinect Is In Your Space

I Win (It's Not a Competition) Oh. I Still Win

For Barbie, Commitment Is Pain

Make sure you are fully hydrated, stretched out and troll free for this week's ESH Podcast Episode # 297: I'm In It For the Gadgets--Health Is Just a Bonus

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