For whatever reason (25th anniversary, probably) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has had new life breathed into it. First, the Anime and the Game were announced for a future release. Then there was news that the original JoJo's game would be added

Paradox Interactive, lovers of swords, sorcery, and simulators, are going back into the dungeon. This time, players will be put into the shoes of an imp who was once a mighty demon lord. Check out EGMNow's Electric Sista Hood page


With the release of the Wii U speeding towards us, assuming the console hits this year as expected, I’ve started thinking about the games I’d like to purchase once the system releases.  While I’m incredibly excited for announced games like Pikmin 3, ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U, it’s really got me thinking about what hasn’t been announced yet.  The new system has some amazing new features that I can’t help but imagine being implemented in some of my favorite series.  So let’s take a trip into the imagination of what could be as we look into a couple of games I’d love to eventually see on the Wii U.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is the most vulgar anime to come around in quite some times. The average hentai doesn't even come as close to using as many 4 letter words as a single episode of Panty &

Last month at E3, Konami had a gameplay demo for their latest game in the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes the stealth-espionage series in a new direction by highlighting cyber-ninja Raiden. The game follows Raiden, as a part of a private military company called ‘Maverick Security’, as he delves deeper into his past. Earlier today, they’ve released footage of the beginning portion of the demo showcasing the blade mode feature of the game.

As we get closer to the new hotshot console, the Ouya, ending its Kickstarter campaign, new details have sprung up. One such tidbit is the Ouya's first Exclusive title, called Human Element

    Some of the deadliest assassination droids have been discovered under the Belsavis surface and both Empire and Republic hope to get their hands on these once thought destroyed killing machines. Click here to read more.

Developer Cyberconnect2 has been working on anime properties for a while. No doubt you might have heard of Naruto, the action/adventure about a young boy living in a ninja society