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ESH Podcast # 312: Pickles & Bioshock- What More Can You Ask For?

These are a few of Panda's favorite things

Another Monday has come and the sistahs have another podcast episode for you all to enjoy. However this episode is Ninja intensive. And yes it's because Panda was not prepared. This week's episode heavy on the games and light on the tech--but hey at least they have something to share.

Starting off the show, Ninja talks briefly about her time with Bethesda's Dishonored.

Irrational Games finally announced a release date for their anticipated game: Bioshock Infinite. And here we thought it would go the way of The Last Guardian. We. Were. Wrong. Ninja talks about all the goodies that will come with the Bioshock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Collectors Edition.

Ninja also talks a bit about ESH's unofficial/official audio sponsor Astro Gaming. They have released a new headset the A50 model.

As you can see there is a lot she had to talk about. Even the titles would suggest that.

I'm Pretty Sure You Said Slucky

Anyway, Back to the Headset

Don't Let Sleeping Pandas Podcast

Bioshock -- We Call It Ultimate. We Call It Infinite. It's One of Those.

So lets not waste any more time. Here is ESH Podcast Episode # 312: Pickles & Bioshock- What More Can You Ask For?

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