If you had any doubt as to whether Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is inspired by big robot anime, take a look at this short clip.   Pacific Rim is about humanity is in an losing battle against legendary giant monsters, called

At this time of the year, we always take a few minutes to reach deep inside and talk about what we’re thankful for.  While, my family and friends certainly feature prominently on my list this year, I’d like to take

OK, OK! I have to admit that there were a few more animus on Crunchyroll that were streaming, but I really didn't want to bother with them. Still, for anyone who's reading this, I figured that you shouldn't be deprived of such wonderful animations

Farcry 3 will be hitting store shelves on December 3 and we've been getting a lot of info on the single-player. Finally we get a glimpse at the multiplayer mode! Head over to our EGMNow site for the multiplayer trailer!  

Next week, prepare to check one more item off the list of things that you’ve to been waiting to happen on the Vita.  You’re guessed it, next Tuesday PlayStation Plus is going go into full effect on Sony’s handheld system. 

This week panda came prepared to talk about something. However this week's show is very much a Panda sandwich: two parts Ninja and the middle is aaaaaallllll Panda.

  Electronic Arts has been prepping for this for months and it's almost that time. SWTOR will go free to play on November 15, a move that EA is hoping will renew waning interest in the MMO. Check out our EGMNow

With any new system, it’s hard to tell what its life will be like too early.  The Nintendo 3DS, while having a very rough first year, has bounced back decently and solved many of the issues that plagued the handheld. 

  APOLOGIES! Besides this article being sidelined due to Hurricane Sandy, I'm just a horrible procrastinator. I hope you enjoy this!     The Must Watch List Magi   It's Magic! I think that Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a very fun show that I want