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What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 2


APOLOGIES! Besides this article being sidelined due to Hurricane Sandy, I'm just a horrible procrastinator. I hope you enjoy this!



The Must Watch List



It's Magic! I think that Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a very fun show that I want to watch just so I can say "Wow!" We start with our main hero, Aladdin, being asked what wish he wants. That takes him from where he is and shoots him into the larger world, which is full of dungeons, slavery, women's cleavage, and a dude named Alibaba. Yes, the names are familiar if you remember your 1,001 Arabian Nights, but Magi's taking its liberties with those characters. If you want serious anime, you're not really going to find it here, but that's fine with me. Eating tons of watermelon? Cool. Chibi all over the place? OK. A Giant genie with a flute for head? Alright.

I can't even tell how tall Aladdin is, because he cartoonishly changes sizes at the drop of a hat. One thing I do know about Al, though: he loooooves boobies! Go get 'em, kid.

 # of episodes watched: 1


From the New World  (Shin Sekai Yori)


Man, what a way to start a series! From the New World starts out 1000 years before the story takes place, in a blood-splatteringly creepy scene. There are children blessed with psychic abilities, and those psychic abilities still exist. The mystery is what happened in the time between the opening and 10 centuries later. Is it time travel? Why are kids disappearing? Is the beginning of this series also going to be its end? I love a good mystery show, and so far this show is feeding us small pieces of information. Whether all of that information is relevant, or just window dressing, is what we're meant to piece together.

# of episodes watched: 4


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