And no it isn't an easter joke

Finally Panda is feeling 82% better which means she is 100% to do the show again. Yeah her math is stuff of legends. The sistahs are knee deep in CES material and wanted to talk a little about it while still scouting out the best the worst and the Wha? But that isn't all the girls have on the podcast plate for you all to enjoy.

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Ninja beams over the death of 3D, and weighs in on her time with the prequel/retelling of DMC. Panda talks about her back logged games Pokemon White while staying very indie with her further exploration of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, and The Binding of Issac.

Sadly there is no anime this week, but who is to say what they will talk about next week.

Here are the runner ups for title of the week:

How to Steal 3D Glasses at the Theater

What Do You NOT Get About the Word Miserable In Les Miserables?

Remember That Clint Eastwood Sang in Paint Your Wagon

Our Integrity Is Aided By the Fact That No One Wants to Advertise On Our Podcast

Here is this weeks ESH Podcast Episode # 324: All the Hopper Managed to Do Was Make CBS Hopping Mad

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