And Surprisingly enough, Panda didn't say this week's title. We are as shocked as you are!

Special Guest Xenocore joins the sistahs for this very ANIME intensive show. Be warned ESHers Ninja spoils the BAJESUS out of H20. If you are trying to avoid spoils the minute she brings up the series hit your PAUSE button.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Panda and Xenocore talk about the death game anime "Btoom" this week. A series both of them heavily entice fellow lovers of the genre to take a gander at. Ninja then bring the SAD to the group by discussing H20.

And before you ask she doesn't talk about Halloween 2000...because that was stupid.

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And now...for your Monday entertainment. ESH Podcast Episode # 323: You Had Me At "Nuts To the Face."

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