345 Ha ha ha ha haaaaahaaaahaaahahahahahahahah!

Hello lovers of ESH. This week the sistahs get psyched about upcoming games. [TANGENT] Panda talks about [TANGENT] While Ninja attempts to redirect the misdirect. [TANGENT TANGENT TANGENT]
Ninja talks about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Panda pulls herself together long enough to discuss one of Crunchyroll's summer simulcasts: Dog and Sissors.
Also Bone Foot!

Here are the rejected titles of this week:

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I'm Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired

Panda Put Her Foot In It and That's a Good Thing

She's Either The Proiagonist Or The Antagonist

It's Not All About Me. Sometimes It's About People I Am.

After Cars and Planes, We Get Jobs

People Younger Than Me Were Born With a Playstation

Falling Down On My One Job

My Town'sToo Big For The 3DS

If Each And Everyone Of You a would Send Me a Dollar...

And now please enjoy ESH Podcast Episode #345: Transformers Is Like Smokey and the Bandit. You Don't Have To Watch Any Of Them!

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