Pandalicious is out of the country on vacation so you know what that means – clip show time! That's right, this week's episode is filled with some of our favorite bits (and things we hoped never saw the light of day) for your auditory pleasure.

Music is a major part of geek culture, and this episode shows just how musical roots are deep-seeded. We make references to songs by Teresa Brewer, Katy Perry, Madonna, Creed, Kelis, Rihanna, Book of Mormon (broadway...because we're classy), Bjork, They Might Be Giants, Michael Jackson, Whodini, Bobby Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Soul II Soul, Lou Rawls, and much, much more.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

It's all in service to our craft (or whatever the heck we were drinking during the recording) so enjoy ESH Podcast 349: All I Need Is Love and You and Music, Music, Music

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