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The Summer '13 Anime: 1st Episode Impressions- Anime on Hulu

If you are still looking for anime to watch this summer after reading my Crunchyroll rundown, here are the anime streaming on Hulu. These shows come from Funimation and Viz Anime.

Blood Lad - "Now She's a Skeleton"

I think Blood Lad is a hard sell for anyone who's not a boy with his hormones raging. The style, the pacing, the jokes, it screams out to anime-loving youth, begging them to stay for just one more episode. Blood Lad is about a vampire, but his  interests aren't like most creatures of the night. He lives in a demon world, but he loves many human inventions and creations. Vampire Staz gets his chance to nab some human souvenirs when a human girl wanders into the demon world, and a portal to the earth is left open.

Blood Lad's not classy, but it's got style, and sometimes that's all I'm looking for. I'm also really interested in the setting. Usually a story will involve vampires living amongst humans in the human world, but now we get to see the hierarchy amongst supernatural beings.


 Brother's Conflict -"Brothers"


If the boys get big busted ditzes, the girls get bland pretty boys.

This show has one-upped any reverse harem I've seen. there is basically a baseball team sized family  of brothers who are living in a massive, beautiful house together. Oh, and now they have a new step-sister, who they all, naturally, want to either romantically grope or sleep beside. The only protector she really has is her talking squirrel mascot buddy. He fruitlessly tries to shoo all the boys away, but all they hear are chirps. The only one who can hear this annoying squirrel is the girl, Ema. Is this girl insane, or does she actually have a magical squirrel that only she can hear?

Every boy has a great profession or talent, and there's even a shota brother in the mix. There is no bishounen stone unturned in Brother's Conflict. No sir! Even if I hated this show, which I can't bring myself to do, anyone who loves bishi fanservice will take one look at these characters and disregard anything negative I've said. This review is basically useless. Brother's Conflict is critic-proof.

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