354 whether or not you keep them is completely up to you.

BFIG has come an gone and the sistahs talk about the wonderful time they spent there. They got their hands on with Spearhead Games Tiny Brains, Proletariat's World Zombination, and many many more.

They also share their most embarassing games. Like they promised.

Here are all the indie titles for this week's show that just didn't make the grade.

I'm ownning up to my deficiency

Would you answer if we gave away M&Ms?

ARCADE BLOCK: Epic Gamer Gear, Delivered Monthly. Join Now. Geek Tested. Nerd Approved.

If they don't dance, they're no friends of mine

It's so adult, it has three X's

I am a virtual cat killer

It's like listening to Van Halen without David Lee Roth

ESHmom made me play it with her

A whole lot of blacklisting going on

Boston – it's like a low-rate New York to us

Pandalicious suddenly breaks out Into her inner Steve Ballmer

Once again we encourage you to answer our interactive question and become part of the show through your answer. Leave you answer over on our Facebook page or tweet @eshnews with #MyFavIndie. We will give our answers on next week's show.

Now without further ado. ESH Podcast episode # 354: When You Step on The MIT Campus, Your IQ Goes up Five Points.

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