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ESH Podcast #385: My Beyond Should've Been Better Than This.

385 Don't worry, my next one will be.

After a week away, the sistahs are back and in a very ultra rare form. Well at least Panda is. Making sense has never been Panda's strong suit but both of them tackled Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls.

We are warning you now...SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS SPOILERS. If you haven't played this game yet. Do NOT listen to this episode. Wait until you've played it and THEN come back it's okay.

Here are all the titles that have gone on to the Infraworld:

B-minus means you missed it

You can't discover a land that already has people on it

I don't like playing games in the future unless I have a time machine

Pronunciation turns the Aids of March into something completely different

Even though it wasn't an option, most people chose Both

I'm going to become boss of PS3 town

Washing some forks is better than no forks

This is what I'm going to do, unless I change my mind

No hamsters were harmed making this episode

if you think otherwise, you're just wrong

Panda would rather have the half-million smackers

I hate the squeak of dry-erase boards

Tangents -- we have them all the time

Even our spoilers have spoilers

Parents, escort your children to the garage

Suddenly, Rocky Horror Picture Show broke out

Whatever you do, close the rift

The same thing happened in Chile during the 1970s

Or, there are two other options you can choose

Excuse me Mr. Mexican, can I borrow your guitar?

It didn't hurt anybody but the bank

You're acting like white people in horror movies

Let me correct where Panda's going with this

This game plays with my emotions

We are getting right to it this week. ESH Podcast Episode # 358: My Beyond should've been better than this.

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