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ESH Podcast Episode #357: I Don't Want to Say that GTAO Is Buggy, but...

357 But it is...

Ever have one of those days where things just won't go right. Like a sadist disembodied narrator is walking through the worst experience of the century? Well Panda sure did this week, as she tried to contain her Panda Rage while attempting to play some Grand Theft Auto Online.

There were casualties :(.

Ninja took a happier approach to gaming this week as she finally –FINALLY– got her hands on Disney Infinity. You won't know for yourself until you listen to this week's podcast.

These are all the titles that had serious frame rate issues this week:

This is not the Mortal Kombat episode

When in doubt, vote for both

When you pick white over black, you're being racist

I had a Tamagotchi. It got me in trouble at school

30 minutes later, I realized I'm stuck

I don't want to say GTA Online is buggy, but...

Fortitude, I has it

Those taps you hear are raindrops falling on the air conditioner

I don't need to hear about your VD

Then they do that weird, constipated penguin walk

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So let me tell you what the question is already.
Beyond: Two Souls comes out today for the PS3. Are you getting it for the PS3 OR are you going to hold out for a PS4 release?
Instant gratification? or Holding out for a Hero? We wanna know, so you gotta tell us!

Now to present to you this week's ESH Podcast Episode #357: I Don't Want to Say GTAO IS Buggy, but...

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