It's been a heck of a week for gaming! Between hours of Bungie's Destiny and the Boston Festival of Indie Games, we're tired as hell...but in a good way.

We are all about games in this podcast. From triple-a video games (a la Destiny) to indies and even tabletop, the we go cards, cartridges, and megabytes deep with our hands-on experiences with a bunch of great games. Pandalicious talks about her day with indie game developers at the 2014 BFIG event while NinJaSistah talks the fun that is Destiny. (And if she had to give it a number rating, why it would be an 8/10 for her.)

Best Buy Co, Inc.

So grab a cold beverage folks, kick back and enjoy ESH Cast Episode #403: Just Like Disney World, We Try To Banish Darkness From The Universe.

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