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Fire Emblem Trio

Fire Emblem Had a Big Night

Nintendo, hot off the heels of the Zelda Wii U delay, decided to hold a new Nintendo Direct yesterday. There was no fooling in this April 1st direct; instead we got quite a bit of news. While there were plenty of announcements, N64 and DS games are on Wii U now, Fire Emblem fans undoubtedly had the best night. None of the games talked about were new titles, but they had very good news for each of them. Let's break it down right now game by game.

New 3DS Fire Emblem

This game has been announced for a while, since a Nintendo Direct back in January I believe, but we didn't have a whole lot of details aside from the brief video that was shown during that Direct. Last night, they provided us with quite a bit more details about the game. Nintendo stated that it will feature a branching path that lets you choose which warring nation to sympathize with throughout the game. Which one you choose will even effect the difficulty of the game and even the outcome of the story. There are still a lot of details to come on this game, but as a huge fan of Fire Emblem: Awakening, I'm very excited to see what this new game will bring to the table.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is still a thing

For the past several Nintendo Directs, I've been hoping to see this one show back up. Mainly, I just wanted to see what form this game would actually be in when it comes out. Would it feature the gameplay of Fire Emblem with characters and locales from the Shin Megami Tensei series? Not surprisingly, since the Fire Emblem team is busy making another game, Atlus is helming this one and it is the complete opposite. From the looks of the trailer they played during the Direct, it will be a Shin Megami Tensei RPG featuring some characters from the Fire Emblem universe. While I might have preferred it the other way around, I'm still excited about how they will blend those two distinct universes. The only question that remains is whether the two will mix well. I have high hopes, but time will tell as Atlus puts more work into the game.

They're fixing Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

After playing the demo for this turn-based strategy game, one thing gave me pause that ended up causing me to decide not to get it. Those lengthy enemy turns really dragged the pacing of the gameplay through the mud. Well, as part of the Direct, Nintendo announced that they're adding the ability to fast-forward through the enemy turns, which may just fix the game enough to get me back on board. How is this Fire Emblem news you might ask? One of the few, so far, really cool Amiibo powers that has been released is that you can unlock various playable Fire Emblem characters by scanning their respective Amiibos. I just happened to have grabbed a Marth when they first went up on preorder and have been waiting for something cool to bust it out. Looks like I finally have my excuse.

If you missed the Direct, there were a whole bunch of other, not Fire Emblem related, announcements that went down during the video. Check out that video here to see what else happened.

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