Several questions were left unanswered by Tango Gameworks in the main campaign for horror game The Evil Within. Many of them pertained to the secrets one of the supporting characters, Julie Kidman, and her dealings with a secret organization.

We told you this clip show was coming, and now it's here: ESH Cast - The Musical.

Last year Kingston Technology subsidiary HyperX unleashed its very first headset: the Cloud. For its debut in the pro gaming headset industry it was a home run, thanks to its comfort, pristine sound, and a surprisingly good mic.

Walking into each boss room in Titan Souls for the first time, I could expect the same pattern: Shoot with arrow, cue epic music, immediately dead. The repetition of this series of events somehow always managed to pull a chuckle out of me for some reason. I would then pull myself together, go back to the entrance and the real Titan Souls would begin here.

This week we're talking gadgets, games, and anime - the ESH trifecta - starting with the Apple Watch and working our way to a couple of anime series.

The idea of Etrian Mystery Dungeon is fairly simple: take the world of Etrian Odyssey, and then place its characters into the realm of the Mystery Dungeon series. One look at its adorable-looking characters and worlds, and you'd think it'd be an easy cakewalk to tackle missions. Make no mistake, though: this game is one rough journey that refuses to hold its player's hand.

There’s been an ongoing trend for XBox Live Gold members that gives players the chance to download games for free. Both XBox One, and XBox 360 owners have been taking advantage of this perk for awhile now. Recently I got

Not to be confused with the living dead, or the walking dead...just good, old-fashioned, "This here thing is no more. It has ceased to be." Unlike this new episode of our weekly podcast, the online streaming game service/platform OnLive has run it's course. The doors are closed, and it's patents have been sold to Sony.

Nintendo, hot off the heels of the Zelda Wii U delay, decided to hold a new Nintendo Direct yesterday. There was no fooling in this April 1st direct; instead we got quite a bit of news.