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ESH Cast #444: I Will Never Talk About It Again Until The Next Time

Panda will keep promising to stop doing this until the day she actually stops doing it...or at least, refrains from talking about Higurashi for a little while.

This week's ESH Cast is chock full of...well, stuff. Panda is quite chatty in this episode where she talks about the passing of Satoru Iwata. Nintendo was a staple in the ESH household growing up, and Ninja is there every step of way so Panda gets her story straight.

After the trip down memory lane, Panda dives into a topic that frankly, made her angrily need a restroom. If you feel like you need an explanation just listen to the show. She'll tell you. A bundle of Prototype/Prototype 2 was released for the current consoles. It's a HD remake they said. Does it live up to it's previous consoles standards? NOPE. Panda suggests (after a lot of waste related movements) to not even invest in this $50 purchase.

Once her rage settled down, Panda switches gears, and brings up a topic near and dear to her soul. News traveled to her that MangaGamer was going to be releasing Umineko: When They Cry on Steam. Just talking about this dissipated her restroom rage...rage Ninja had no idea how to properly navigate nor respond to.

Ninja got to talk a little about Destiny before introducing two anime series that are a part of the summer line up on Crunchyroll. The first being Aoharu x Machinegun and the other being Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers

Now for your pleasure here is ESH Cast #444: I Will Never Talk About It Again Until The Next Time

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