America has gone six years without an Onechanbara game, not since the series hit the Wii and Xbox 360 simultaneously. Both had its charms, with the former showcasing some decent graphics and some fun stabby gameplay and the latter being

Note: These are literal screen shots; does not necessarily reflect the actual games quality

I'm a fan of strategy games, and action RPGs. I'm also a fan of anime. So Lancarse's new game (published in the West by Atlus), Lost Dimension, seems to be made for someone like me. Lost Dimension is about a military group with special abilities, or Gifts. A mysterious structure appears, and regular defense forces are powerless to stop the malevolent being who seems to be responsible for this catastrophe. He is known as The End, and the the structure is known as the Pillar. So far, The End is responsible for the destruction of most of the world. SEALED, this special team of individuals with Gifts, enters the Pillar to confront The End; but once they enter, The End has the upper hand. SEALED can save the world- if they participate in a game of death.

Lost Dimension, like the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games, plays out its plot in a fashion akin to a visual novel. Early on, there are a few cut scenes which look like they are from an anime. It's a shame that these scenes are so poor. These anime-style cutscenes were a mistake, and I'm glad that most of the story is told in the style of 2d, partially animated dialogue. It appears that the production did not have enough of a budget to create scenes that were better animated.

   Lost Dimension - The End

In my life I've seen and heard elephants march, fly, create works of art, help back a swinging jazz ensemble, and consume Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig for his own greedy reasons. But being a hero of justice and thwarting

Panda will keep promising to stop doing this until the day she actually stops doing it...or at least, refrains from talking about Higurashi for a little while.

Super late, but better than not getting it at all is a brand new episode of the ESH Cast.

The concept of Padaone Games' Roving Rogue is a nice change of pace. Starting at the end of one's journey and working their way back to the start gives you the chance to see how things came to be, and

Now that a little time has passed since E3 2015, I've had some time to reflect back on some of the awesome titles from the big developers.

With Disgaea 5 being released in the next couple months, newcomers to the franchise will be in need of some catching up to do. That's why NIS America just announced the release of the Disgaea Triple Play Collection. Due out for PS3 on

A Coupla Minutes With the Sistahs #442 In this excerpt from podcast episode 442, we include this snippet originally recorded for episode 401, in which Ninjasistah and Pandalicious try to discuss the game A City Sleeps, but the tangents keep getting