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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Review

When it comes to open world gaming there are not many gaming studios that provide an unique gaming experience quite like Bethesda Softworks.

Fallout 4 takes you to a post nuclear apocalypse in Boston, MA - forcing the gamer to find their way and survive the aftermath of the war torn city known as the hub.  You emerge from what is known as a vault (a safe haven where citizens went to  shelter from the war) only to find that something went terribly wrong in the vault and you must uncover its mysteries.

What makes Fallout 4 so special is the ability of the gamer to use their imagination and create a player of their choice. A playable character can be a man or woman of any nationality/background with endless options for how you would like your character to look. This includes build, facial features, tattoos, age, etc. Following the creation of your character, you are given an opportunity to name him/her, which is followed by the selection of your character’s skill set that is critical towards how you will actually play the game. SPECIAL is the acronym used to to describe the different attributes that compose your character’s skillset.

S - Strength

P - Perception

E - Endurance

C -Charisma

I - Intelligence

A - Agility

L - Luck

You are given 21 skill points at the beginning of the game to allocate to each skill. How you choose to distribute these points will help determine your overall gameplay experience.  Your skill points will increase when you accrue xp points for completing missions and killing enemies you encounter.

The uniqueness of your character is then catapulted to another level once you emerge from the vault and must find your way in an irradiated wasteland.  It is almost impossible for two players to experience Fallout 4 in the same manner. The Fallout 4 map is enormous and can be navigated as you desire providing a near carbon copy of what the actual greater Boston area looks like.  This is an extra treat for Boston natives as the known cities and landmarks are very recognizable, but for gamers who are not from the Boston area you will also find the map to be very interactive. Most buildings are accessible and the items you can loot are all useful depending on how you play the game.

Combat in Fallout 4 brings its "A" game as well.  The game can be played in first or third person giving you option of playing it like an Uncharted title or Call of Duty shooter.  The VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) is what sets it apart from other gaming titles however, giving you the opportunity to target certain body parts of enemies to obtain critical kill shots. The enemies you encounter can vary from raiders, ghouls, animals and other monstrosities and the weapons you use are highly modifiable.

Bethesda Softworks is above the rest when it comes to open world gaming; providing a role playing experience with a shooter style of combat that is truly unmatched. If you are a fan of adventure gaming you will not be disappointed with Fallout 4.

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