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RETROspective | Coming Soon

Nostalgia...sometimes it's a thing that you see that brings back a memory, other times it's something you hear. Either way, you find yourself reminiscing about "the good old days" - like I did last week.


A conversation got me thinking about the games I loved as a kid, and more specifically, the game that helped form me into the gamer I am today. This gave me an idea: why not have the whole team walk down memory lane with me and share their favorite games as a kid and the game that made them the gamers they are today? Because retro games are cool, and talking about retro gaming is fun, the RETROspective series was born.

Each day next week, one of the editors of TeamESH will share with you which retro game or games shaped made them fall in love with video games...the game that made them a gamer.

We hope that you'll share these stories, and join in the RETROspective conversation by commenting on Facebook and Twitter or posting a video on YouTube telling your RETROspective story.

Each of us has a story. Each of us has a perspective. What's your RETROspective?

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