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Crazy Killer enters Steam Early Access

You're a sheriff, a killer or an ordinary fella, but which is which?

Crazy Killer, which takes its inspiration from the popular party game, Mafia, or “Werewolf,” entered Steam Early Access last week. Created with the help of Gaijin Entertainment’s inCubator indie developers support fund.

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Crazy Killer is a tense ‘whodunnit’ guessing game that sees the player adopt a random role in each battle: Civilian, sheriff or killer. Each role has its own goal -- civilians need to survive, the sheriff must find and defeat the killer, and the killer must murder all of the players before being detected.

The action in the video game takes place in the near future in a virtual show of the same name, ‘Crazy Killer.’ At the beginning of each round, players are oblivious to each others’ roles in the game. To this extent, anyone can be the killer, and players must use various objects and skills to find and defeat the killer. If the player’s character has the ability to read minds, then he or she can easily find the killer or the sheriff; however, it might be difficult for players to convince other gamers of their authenticity (or lack thereof).

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Playing the role of doctor allows players to heal their teammates, but makes them an easier target, as they are certain to be the next victim once the killer finds out who they are. A variety of tools, such as a metal detector, are available to aid players, but do not act as a guarantee of survival. When the metal detector squawks an alarm, players can’t be sure if the nearby weapon is wielded by the sheriff or the killer. One wrong move spells downfall and death.

Additionally, different skins for players help them stay incognito for a bit longer, as no one suspects a good-natured housewife or a harmless hipster with a camera to be a killer. So players must always remain vigilant -- perhaps their neighbor is not as innocent as he seems to be.

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Crazy Killer features comic-book style graphics with an ever-changing “whodunit” storyline that tasks players to play a variety of roles that require different tactics to succeed. Steam users can try Crazy Killer in early access for free.

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