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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes updates mobile game

It seemed fitting to run a Star Wars story today

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is bringing out a new update for the mobile game that introduces guilds, strategies and real-time chat to the game. Now players can embark on raids against some of the most notorious characters of the series.

Offering new players a chance to team up with powerful guildmates, and giving elite players new high-level challenges and rewards, guild- and raid-playing delivers new ways to collect, compete and conquer in the video game.

Guilds are unlocked when players reach level 22. To join a guild, players can search for a friend, explore recommended guilds or create their own.

New chat functionality lets players connect and strategize with guildmates in real time.

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Players can go deep into The Pit, the first in a series of multi-tier raids that will grow over time. The Pit challenges guilds to square off against a ferocious rancor, with multiple difficulty levels and a variety of rewards for players from levels 22 to 80.

New characters in the game include Han Solo, a Gamorrean guard and a Jawa engineer. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available now for free on iOS in the App Store and Android in Google Play.

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