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E3 2016 Media Briefing | ESHatBethesda

We'll end our briefing coverage today with ESHatBethesda, and we psyched to learn more about Dishonored 2. Be part of our E3 2016 live-tweet coverage of the event with #ESHatBethesda on Twitter.


We're covering the Bethesda Media Briefing at E3 2016 live. Three of our editors will be covering the event direct from L.A. while the rest of us react to the live stream, but we'll all be using the hashtag #ESHatBethesda on Twitter. Join in the conversation using the hashtag in your tweets or jump into the chat below and let's geek out together.

Don't forget, we'll be covering other briefings as well as sharing news right from the show floor all week long, so be sure to check out all of our E3 coverage this week.

Live Blog #ESHatBethesda

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