If you can't say anything new, don't say anything at all. That seems to be Sony's policy, at least.

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Sony caused a bit of a kerfuffle on the internet last week when it announced it would have no presence at next year's E3 conference in June. "Say it ain't so, Joe!" many people on the internet cried out. What can this mean for the vaunted E3 conference? Is this the beginning of the end?

So what if Sony isn't showing up? Does this mean Sony has no new equipment to show up in 2019? Does Sony have no new groundbreaking games to show off?

We can speculate all we want. In fact, that's our job. Sony's job is to keep people guessing. In fact, they'll probably get better publicity by NOT showing up at E3. After all, nobody's writing anything about Microsoft's and Nintendo's prospects for the year -- we're too busy writing and talking about Sony.

That makes Sony the first "winner" of E3 2019.

Ninja and Panda talk about Sony's abandonment of E3, as well as next spring's PAX East event and next week's Game Awards Show (remember when it was called the Spike Video Game Awards?). Panda also discusses two games she's playing: Tetris Effect and Taiko Drum Master.

Listen in and let us know if we're getting too anxious for an event that won't be held for another half a year in ESH Cast #612: Sony gets better publicity by announcing they’re not showing up for E3.

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