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Here are the latest recaps of the anime currently being broadcast in the U.S. While there are some series just beginning, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hits the finish line.

Box art for the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV has been released. The game is set to arrive for the PS4 and Xbox One Sept. 30.

Nintendo released box art from two upcoming Yo-Kai Watch 3DS games yesterday. The box art represents the games Yo-Kai Bony Spirits and Yo-Kai FIeshy Souls. They are set to be released Sept. 30.

Starting from the beginning in any roguelike game can make it hard to feel like any real progress is being made. Most of these end up filling that gap by either having a set of permanent unlockables or relying on

Did you ever watch PewDiePie playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor? Did you realize it was an ad? The Federal Trade Commission realized it and today has penalized Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc., for failing to disclose that fact.

Best Buy is now offering clearance, refurbished and open-box prodiucts, including video game hardware and software, for a discount on its own online outlet website.

In conjunction with the November release of the game Dishonored 2 and its associated art book, The Art of Dishonored 2, a fan art contest is being held. According to the press release, "fans of the series will have the opportunity to have their illustrations featured in The Art of Dishonored 2."

Cold and emotionless. This is how I felt during my time with Dambuster Studios' Homefront: The Revolution. I remember playing the first game back in 2011, and while it wasn't perfect, Homefront made me feel something as I tried to free

The Sony PlayStation Twitter feed is advertising the availability of PlayStation VR demos next weekend "in hundreds of locations across North America."

This week's podcast is for all the seekers out there -- even the ones who think they've been here before.