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Aoharu x Machinegun

Aoharu x Machinegun coming to home video Nov. 15

Aoharu x Machinegun, an anime derived from a manga, will be released on home video in the U.s. on Nov. 15.

The anime, which was originally broadcast in summer 2015, will offer English and Japanese with English subtitles, and will be available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Sentai Filmworks describes the anime this way: "When Hotaru Tachibana storms into a host club to avenge the honor of a wronged female student, the last thing Hotaru expects is to duel the club's most popular host with airsoft guns instead of fists. When Masamune Matsuoka's experience wins out over Tachibana's brawn, he realizes that he can use his victory (and the large bill for damaging the club) to make Tachibana join his struggling Survival Gaming team. However, what ladies' man Masamune totally misses is that his unwilling new guy… isn't a guy at all! Under the boy's clothing and strong need to defend justice, Tachibana is all-girl, but, for a number of complicated reasons, she absolutely CAN'T expose that fact to Masamune or his teammate, the erotic manga artist Toru Yukimura."

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