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Cartoon Network favorites featured in Battle Crashers game

Some of the favorite characters from the current lineup of Cartoon Network shows are featured in the network's upcoming Battle Crashers game, a side-scroller for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS that will be released in November.

Battle Crashers

Battle Crashers features six playable characters to choose from - Uncle Grandpa, Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Rigby and Mordecai from Regular Show, Clarence and Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven of Steven Universe - which can be swapped between instantly in solo play.

Battle Crashers

According to the press release, "When Uncle Grandpa accidentally hits the multidimensional switch on his RV, he creates a tear in the universe that brings together the heroes of some of Cartoon Network’s biggest shows to team up against threats from across their many animated worlds."

Battle Crashers

The game also features special stages with varied gameplay, boss battles and light character progression and customization. A bonus "Bonkers mode" lets players replay stages with even more wild challenges, as well.

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