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With virtual reality still in its infancy, one can expect much experimentation in regards to the various genres and gameplay models. The folks at nDreams, however, have devised an experience that not only delivers on good gameplay, but also a

This week's entire show was recorded live during this year's Game Awards Show in L.A. Because the girls were seated comfortably on Ninja's couch, no jet lag was suffered in the making of this podcast.

The arcade scene is different nowadays. When you walk into a new school arcade, you’re looking at multiple whoop-it-up machines: Mario Kart and the occasional over-the-top shooter. Every once in a while, you’ll see one of those Big Buck Hunter Arcade machines.

A follow up to the 2001 OVA Mezzo Forte, the anime series Mezzo DSA has been collected in one package called Mezzo Complete Collection, and will be available on DVD starting March 21.

While World War II took five years to fight in Europe, the girls of Oorai Girls' Academy need only 38 minutes to wrap up their fight. That's the length of the OVA "Girls Und Panzer: This Is The Real Anzio Battle!" being released March 21.