There will be 15,000 more people at June's big E3 bash than were expected. That's because the show's promoters are letting in some paying customers. And there are some people who have become a little upset.

Of course, this doesn't make all that much difference to our crew. Our decisions to staff the show -- and we have had a presense there for a decade -- has never depended on anything besides the ability to afford the trip and the time off of our day jobs. A few thousand extra souls will add only to the Con Funk. Let's hope it's not too warm that week.

We do try to investigate all the ramifications of the announcement in this week's show. And if you're planning on paying your way into the thing, please drop us a note on Facebook.

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Other than the E3 change, all we talk about is the anime, "Kiss Him, Not Me." It's a fun, easy to watch show.

And we hope you think our show is just as easy to enjoy. Listen in right now to ESH Cast #524: The Sky’s Not Falling, Just the Exclusivity.

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