High times have returned to ESHland this week. No, it's not a celebration of sorts. In fact, it is Ninjasistah who is out-of-sorts. Her voice has taken a little vacation from her body, so it is another clip show. But we hope you'll enjoy this -- the featured part has to do with that all-adult sport of drinking.

It is a subject the Sistahs are all too aware of. Although they know their limitations, that doesn't keep them from continuing to participate. And you, dear listeners, will be the happy recipient.

It's not all about drinking, of course. That would make this a podcast about alcoholism. There are plenty of funny clips from 11 years talking about video games, anime and other popular subjects, so that should keep you amused as well. After all, where else can you hear discussions on subjects ranging from Westworld to Charmed to Valtrex?

Best Buy Co, Inc.

So sit back with a cold one of your own and enjoy ESH Cast #532: I’ll drink to that — in fact, I’ll drink to anything.

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