Very rarely does a video game have me at a loss for words. Sure I've played countless masterpieces and the like on various consoles and PCs, with each of them deserving of a special spot in my hall of fame.

Everybody managed to stay within voice this week, meaning that this show is brand, spanking new. And, as with most episodes after a hiatus, it quickly devolved into tangents.

First appearing as a couple arcade titles in the 80s, Wonder Boy would finally get a home console release on SEGA's Master System via 1989's Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap. While it got some critical praise, the game would

High times have returned to ESHland this week. No, it's not a celebration of sorts. In fact, it is Ninjasistah who is out-of-sorts. Her voice has taken a little vacation from her body, so it is another clip show. But we hope you'll enjoy this -- the featured part has to do with that all-adult sport of drinking.

Teleportation has always been on my short list for super powers I would most like to have at my disposal. Taking the natural progression of this power and casting you as a teleporting thief, Mr. Shifty is the brawler I

Life returns to normal around the ESH hacienda this week. Ninja and Panda have returned from The Wedding To End All Weddings, everybody's gotten sick and well again and we still have a weeks before the Easter hijinks that normally occur around here.

It's hard to talk negatively about something you love. Since being first introduced to the world of Fate/Stay Night over a decade ago, I became enthralled by the tale of the Holy Grail War in its anime and adult visual novel

Toukiden 2 is the third installment to Koei Tecmo’s fairly new action RPG series.  The game takes place in a fantasy world setting heavily influenced by Japanese historical periods.  You play as the Slayer, one of many warriors that possess

We were a little busy this past weekend -- Panda got married and Ninja was in the wedding party. So there won't be a new show this week.