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Someone Has Died

BFIG 2017: A game about death is not a laughing matter until Someone Has Died

Every year at BFIG, ESH usually sniffs out the biggest party game to be showcased. First, it was DFL Games' "Henchmen", then came Starcap Games' "Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!". This year, we pay our humble respect to Gather Around Games' "Someone Has Died" [Website | Kickstarter]

Death is one of the most painful things we will endure as people. The loss of loved one leaves ripples of hurt and sadness that never fully goes away. Death can also bring out the ugliest in people, but it also has the capability to bring out the humor in us all. Gather Around Games decided to highlight that, and flawlessly delivers.

Someone Has Died is a silly game about serious business. It is a will arbitration game, where players fight for the estate of the deceased.

Who is the deceased?

How did the deceased die?

What did the deceased leave behind?

That is all up to the will arbitrator. (Think of them as the judge in a Cards Against Humanity game, if that helps). The arbitrator establishes the who, the how and the what. The other players develop their characters through the use of backstory, relationship to the deceased and identity cards, as seen below.

SomeoneHas Died

If keeping your story straight sounds tough, the arbitrator can introduce cards marked "objections." These cards are given to any player who says or does something that the arbitrator finds amusing. Objections can be used against other players who may be making more of an impression on the arbitrator. Objections create cracks in a character's story or inflict a flaw upon them. The combinations are endless and so are the laughs.

Someone Has Died has a Kickstarter that has already reached its goal. If you looking for a deadly good time, you can join the game's hype train. I already have.

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