Can a little infidelity bring a dash of fun to the party scene? That’s what a few students at New York University seek to discover with a new card game that’ll get people laughing along. Showcased at the Boston Festival

Tabletop gaming has been something I've only gotten deeper into with the last few years, while my video game hobby has been around since I could hold a controller. Since I started getting more into playing board games, I've been

King Baby Duck and I had the pleasure of talking to a game developer recently at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Adi Slepack of Gather Round Games talked with us about the card game Someone Has Died. I have

Every year at BFIG, ESH usually sniffs out the biggest party game to be showcased. First, it was DFL Games' "Henchmen", then came Starcap Games' "Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!". This year, we pay our humble respect to Gather Around Games' "Someone Has Died" [Website | Kickstarter]

At the Boston Festival of Independent Games (BFIG), like a moth to the flame, ESH became intoxicated by a tabletop tragic horror game called Ten Candles.--more--> Calvary Games and Stephen Dewey's Ten Candles: A Roleplaying Game of Tragic Horror

Angry Duck Games brought a Louisiana-styled voodoo essence to its booth, as game designer Michel Grenier enticed onlookers with his skull-faced makeup and shaman priest attire. The makers of the popular Student Bodies board game have dealt up another wicked

Tabletop gaming is something I only became passionate about in the last few years, but it has really sunk its fangs into me. Werewolf, or Mafia as I played it in college, has always been one of my favorite games

Finding the right tabletop game is often like searching for the right pet. When there's a connection, it's easy to tell you've found your match. Combining my love of zombies, co-op games and betrayal mechanics, Dead of Winter was an

These days card games have become more fun and mainstream, thanks to the likes of Cards Against Humanity, Munchkin, and Apples to Apples. However it's when you get to hone some improv skills when the card game genre enters a

PAX East 2015 has come and gone, and left many a gamer happy and satisfied. The show floor was packed full of people eager to see what the industry held in store for them for the coming year. As far