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BFIG 2017: Sizigi's Cake Duel is a delicious duel for two

Friendly competition never hurt anyone, unless sweet delicious cake was at stake. Cake Duel is a light-hearted strategy game brought to us by Sizigi Studios.

Players command armies of cute, fluffy and ravenously hungry sheepies. The goal of Cake Duel is to win all of your opponents' cakes or have the most cakes after five rounds, whichever comes first. In our short time at the Boston Festival of Independent Games (BFIG), we made more cakes than won them.

Cake Duel

Cake Duel is super simple to play. Players are dealt five cards, of which there will be physical fighting types (soldiers and Archers), magic types (wizards) and defense types (defenders and scientists). There are other specialty types as well, but for the playable demo at BFIG, we played with the standard class deck.

There are two roles: Attacker and defender. The attacker will put a number of cards face down on the board, announcing the types they have played. If the defending player doesn't believe the attacking player, they can challenge them. When a challenge happens, the cards get revealed. If the attacking player was honest, they proceed with stealing the defenders' cakes. If they are caught in a lie, their attempt is thwarted and the round is over. Both players redraw up to their hand limits and trade roles.

This strategic game is about three things: Deduction, deception and, most importantly, cake.

This game will not hurt your brain. The core mechanics are quick to learn. Parents will have a fun time whether they are playing with their small children or with other competitive adults. It will definitely stir up some light aggression among friends and loved ones the longer it is played. Play at your own fluffy risk.

Cake Duel is a great little game to help liven up the lulls in your day.

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