There are two truths you should always abide: Never watch an elevator being repaired and never watch sausage being made. You just don't want to know what goes into either service. You may never ride an elevator again, and you may never eat sausage again.

Panda found a third truth this past week: Never expect anything good out of the anime King's Game. You can hear all the sordid tales on this week's show.

You'll also hear of Ninja's disappointment with the anime Evil or Live, which she still can't decide the proper pronunciation of the word "Live" in the title (is it pronounced "Live" as in "Eye" or "Live" as in "Give?").

Luckily, the show's guest, Xenocore, offers up an anime worth watching: "Recovery of an MMO Junkie." So all is not lost in this week's episode.

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In addition, the three of them touch lightly on subjects including the fallout from Thanksgiving and the Black Clover anime.

We think you'll find it a fun show. Please listen to ESH Cast #564: You can’t put crap in one end and get a good anime out of the other.

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