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No House, No Podcast

It's been a hard week for the ladies of ESH, resulting in no podcast episode for this week. By now you may have heard that we suffered a pipe break at our house...the one where I record and edit the ESHcast.

Both Amanda and I are fine, our childhood home however is not so great. There was a lot of water damage. So much so, that I am currently displaced from the house - it's not currently livable. It's difficult. It's frustrating. But I currently have a warm place to stay during some incredibly cold weather, food to eat, and some free wifi so I can write posts like these.

No Podcast

What it means for you ESH family is that the ESHcast is going to be on hiatus for a little bit while the house is repaired. This week there is no new podcast episode coming this week. Next week, we'll have a new clip show for you to enjoy, but we have not made any plans past this. We may end up recording again in a couple of weeks. It may be the end of the month before we start recording again as well. We aren't sure right now, but as soon as we have an update for you we'll be sure to announce it here on our site and on our social channels.

If you'd like to help raise our spirits hit us up on Twitter or Instagram and share a funny gif or two with us.

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