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Episode 603: Telltale was in trouble, but they weren’t telling that tale

As a famouse poem says, "there is no joy in Mudville". But this week's story has nothing to do with baseball. It has to do with a video game development company. Telltale is a shadow of its usual self today. Most of its employees are hitting the internet to look for another job, rather than writing engaging stories about things like TV and movie Intellectual Property.

And for most of us, we didn't know anything about their problems. There were no warning signs. Shakespeare told us that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were dead, but we didn't even know they were sick. Same goes for Telltale.

Computer software and video game stories don't just write themselves. It takes a lot of people to do that stuff. And when video games are written as well as Telltale did them, it's a wonderful thing. But if they write video game stories so well, why didn't they ever write and tell us that they were in financial trouble?

We'll probably never know the true answer to that question. Telltale will just disappear, like the Betamax and Blockbuster. All we'll have to remind us they were around is our fond memories.

In addition to discussing that situation on this week's show, we talk a lot about the new iPhones and the new Apple Watch. So please enjoy ESH Cast #603: Telltale was in trouble, but they weren’t telling that tale.

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