Sometimes it just takes one word. That's when the smooth-running train simply falls off its tracks.

That's what happened in this week's show. Ninja was calmly recounting the events of the Microsoft X018 event when she said a certain word. Panda immediately jumped on the word and, suddenly, both were singing.

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Those kinds of things have been happening on this show for more than a dozen years, so we should fully expect something like that to happen. Still, it comes off as a complete surprise every time it happens. And it will, undoubtedly, continue to happen. We've learned to put up with it.

The show goes on. This week, Ninja talks at length about the announcements made at the X018 event, including Crackdown 3, Microsoft Games Pass, Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Jump Force, Supermarket Shriek, the Obsidian purchase and the new collection of classic Final Fantasy games.

It's a full show and you'll be glad you listened to ESH Cast #610: Just the mention of Matt Booty’s name nearly stopped the show.

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