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MANGA REVIEW | "Chi's Sweet Adventures" - Volume Three

Be it in her original series or her newer fun romps, Japan's famous kitten Chi knows how to bring smiles to people of all ages. The tabby and her human & feline pals always manages to deliver a good chuckle and warmhearted moment for all kinds of readers. This cutesy sensation continues strongly in the third volume of Chi's Sweet Adventures, one that brings more mischief to the table from the young cat.

Chi's adorableness seems to be uncontainable even by the Yamada family's standards, which brings the dad to audition her for a "chic cat" contest. Friend Cocchi learns about the power of Chi's smile, where things seem to work out in his favor when she's around. A game of hide-and-seek with Yohei leads to some poor strategy techniques, whereas a day home alone has the kitten discover (and possibly destroy) some savvy tech gadgets.

Many of the scenarios that Chi's Sweet Adventures showcase almost never puts the titular character in danger, with her carefree mentality giving way to some unintended bravery and reward. Still, there are humorous moments that place the cat into some sort of situation that -- while not frightening -- manage to spook her into a silly frenzy. It's this lighthearted attitude that keeps Kinoko Natsume's adaptation a strong follow-up to Konami Kanata's original series, one that's both a simple read for kids and an entertainingly relaxing book for older readers. Even when it's trying to teach a lesson on either play fighting or why you shouldn't run away from home, it's all presented within a cheerful tone.

Chi's Sweet Adventures shows its fuzzy heart on every page, with a squishy funny bone on display that makes it all the more entertaining. Volume Three of Natsume's continuation of Kanata's characters brings out as strong a good-natured vibe as its predecessor, giving way to some simple storytelling that even the youngest of fans can follow with ease. Although it may never be as thought-provoking as most manga out there, we can always count on Chi to showcase something that'd melt even the iciest of hearts and souls out there.


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