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ESH Cast #635: We discuss salami — and you know where this is going

Salami is a popular foodstuff. It's featured in delicatessens all over America and beyond. It has just the right amount of spice and flavor and is enjoyed the world over. And the girls discuss it in this week's show.

But they don't spend their time talking about the meat product's health benefits, or even digestion at all. There's one other thing about salami that they talk about. Anyone who has listened to this podcast for the past 13 years already knows how Ninja and Panda talk about salami. And those listeners will not be disappointed.

The only disappointment you may have about this week's show is that it is another clip show. The Sistahs couldn't get together this week, so they put together some clips from previous shows for your entertainment.

But don't dispair. You haven't heard any of this stuff before. This is a show filled with clips that were removed from previous shows because those shows had grown too long. We like to restrict these things to a maximum of an hour and 20 minutes, and sometimes the girls talk longer than that -- so something's gotta go.

You are the fortunate recipient of their longwindedness. This is the first time any of this material has ever been released, so it's like a new show, but all the new stuff was recorded a while ago.

Along the way, they talk about The Sims games, the movie Us, the Riot Games controversy, eSports, the Game Show Awards and, as we have already indicated, salami.

We hope you enjoy listening to ESH Cast #635: We discuss salami — and you know where this is going.

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