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You may remember Jason David Frank as the Green/White Power Ranger in the original Power Rangers show. Now he's showing you that he doesn't need a Dragon Zord to take people out. :)Check out Jason Frank going MMA! Jason David Frank

The gals took the weekend off and left Evermore to his own devices [meaning Adobe SoundBooth and Final Cut Pro] to Frankenstein together another one of his infamous ESH clip shows!There is music, there are interviews from some of our

Hey guys, I have a couple of questions for ya.

Do you have the current version of Skype on your computer? You do? Cool. Um, do you have a mic and some headphones that you can plug into your computer while you are using Skype? Seriously, you do? Double cool. Ok, how about this one: Do you happen to be doing nothing next Friday night [Aug 11] between 5 and 6:30pm? Get the eff out! Are you kidding me? Because I don't like being kidded. But if all of the above is true for you, you just might be able to be part of our SkypeCast Live [to tape] Show Beta! [You may insert your chosen happy dance of joy here]