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My tunic brings all the girls to the yard

Team ESH has paired with the B3 crew to bring you a brand new episode of our weekly podcast, and this one is all about PAX East baby!

This is the beginning of day two for both Pandalicious and I here at the Hynes Convention center, and the fun just doesn't take a break.

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Day Two of PAX EAST and Panda's had her hands on a lot of things...most recently Red Dead Redemption.

Alrighty, the first part of my first day of PAX East is in the history books and I have to say the experience has been great.

Good news everybody, I'm awake and slowly making my way down to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and kick off my very first PAX East. I am really excited to catch up with some media friends, make new connections and try my hand at some of the game demos that await me. I am obviously not alone in this, as this convention is already totally sold out! That's right! In it's first year of existence the PAX East conference has sold out of all pass types and filled Boston's mammoth Hynes convention center. (No small feat for sure) This got me thinking though. How did they do it? After my morning dunks run it came to me:

There is no other big gamer convention on the East Coast.

As you know, the first annual PAX East gamer-con kicks off Friday and as a previous con-go-er I figured I would share some thoughts on what I want out of my PAX experience. First up, what I want to see.

You may remember Jason David Frank as the Green/White Power Ranger in the original Power Rangers show. Now he's showing you that he doesn't need a Dragon Zord to take people out. :)Check out Jason Frank going MMA! Jason David Frank

The gals took the weekend off and left Evermore to his own devices [meaning Adobe SoundBooth and Final Cut Pro] to Frankenstein together another one of his infamous ESH clip shows!There is music, there are interviews from some of our

Hey guys, I have a couple of questions for ya.

Do you have the current version of Skype on your computer? You do? Cool. Um, do you have a mic and some headphones that you can plug into your computer while you are using Skype? Seriously, you do? Double cool. Ok, how about this one: Do you happen to be doing nothing next Friday night [Aug 11] between 5 and 6:30pm? Get the eff out! Are you kidding me? Because I don't like being kidded. But if all of the above is true for you, you just might be able to be part of our SkypeCast Live [to tape] Show Beta! [You may insert your chosen happy dance of joy here]