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It's Monday people, so it's time once again for a new episode of the ESH podcast. This week the sistah drop on you N00b Sauce, That's On Aisle 42.In this week's episode the sistah's talk about the anime series

Anime takes center stage in this week's ElectricSistaHood podcast as Pandalicious discusses Pumpkin Scissors and NinjaSistah talks about Venus Vs. Virus.What Pandalicious doesn't mention about Pumpkin Scissors is that you can get some exclusive wallpapers right here on the ESH

The Sistahs believe in music, so there's been no greater season than this, with the release of Guitar Hero III and Rock Band, as you'll find out by listening to this week's podcast.In addition to Rock Band, Ninjasistah and Pandalicious

It's time to give thanks to the Sistahs for their annual advice on what videogames, anime and manga to give for the coming holiday season as they present their gift guide on this week's podcast.Not only do they tell you

Monday wouldn't be the same without a new episode of the ESH podcast, and the sistah's promise to not disappoint.In this episode of the podcast, NinJaSistah finishes up her thoughts on Guitar Hero 3 with Pandalicious adding a thought or

This week the Sistahs cross their axes and do battle in garages, dives and giant amphitheaters as they compare notes (real and musical) in this week's podcast about Guitar Hero III.Find out which songs are easy, which ones are hard

It's yet another clip show, but this time we're joined at the mic by videogaming superstar Mario. He adds his 2 cents worth as we present some of the best comments about videogaming from earlier episodes of the ESH

Provocative as usual, the Sistahs bring you a new podcast episode for the week bearing the title "Celibate Is Not Celebratory."Pandalicious kicks it off by crossing the words "tantalize" with "tittilate" to form a new word: "tantilate." What's caused this