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No joking here folks, the heavens themselves moved in order to get Milk-chan from Ultimate Quest on this week's new podcast episode. Once more, the ladies run this thang and it's funny as hell.Pandalicious kicks the show off

Things always seem to run right off the tracks when the Sistahs are joined by a guest, and there's no exception to that in this week's podcast. The girls are joined by Alphabox of Dead Pixel Live -- and you've

The gals took the weekend off and left Evermore to his own devices [meaning Adobe SoundBooth and Final Cut Pro] to Frankenstein together another one of his infamous ESH clip shows!There is music, there are interviews from some of our

In this episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast Ninjasistah kicks off the episode chatting about the anime series Eden of the East and then we try to get serious. We tried.While we do our best to keep it

The terrible trio -- Ninjasistah, Pandalicious and Xenocore join forces this week to talk about movies good and bad in this week's new podcast. And while they all think the new Ghostbusters game is going to be great, there's also

Once again, Monday brings with it a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast, and in this one I think we finally put the nail in the post E3 wrap-up content.Pandalicious and Ninjasistah talk about some of the lesser

We aren't dead, but our feet [and brains] are dead tired from traipsing around the LA Convention Center last week to cover E3 for you guys. [And if I'm honest, for ourselves as well.] I couldn't tell you how

Right before we head off to LA we cooked up a fresh new podcast episode for you to enjoy while we sleep on planes.In this episode of the podcast hosts NinJaSistah and Pandalicious talk about what they hope to see,

With Pandalicious on assignment at Anime Boston and Ninjasistah off on some kind of ninja mission Evermore is left to his own devices which only means one thing: CLIP SHOW!This one doesn't disappoint. The cutting room floor is part

Got a piping hot fresh episode of our humble little podcast for your listening pleasure, hit the jump to learn more.Xenocore from Ultimate Quest joins us on the mic to talk a bit about anime series that drop some knowledge