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Ok, I'm going to make this quick because I have to get to bed

Monday once again rears it's nasty head, so we give you ESH podcast episode 30 in hopes that you can combat the Monday ho-hums.We sorta, kinda, well, "deviate" a bit from the planned topic slightly more than usual in this

You know the drill, it's free-swim Friday: EVERYBODY INTO THE POOLBYOSAAH [That's Bring Your Own Skype And A Headset for those of you not in the know] and join us for a live recording of the ESH podcast this

Ok folks, if you read my accountability post you know I'm not having a good day.You can read the article here [*note, you should probably get some snacks or something because it's long] and then you'll understand why I have

Howdy FRESHpeeps! The power is back on and flowing, so I am one happy ninja!

We were having some feed issues yesterday...

Just FYI to the Skypecast beta helpers:

The cast goes off tomorrow [Fri Aug 11th] at 5pm EST.

Guess what finally arrived this morning at my lovely door? My luggage from my Sunday flight with the hard drive containing the podcast.

You may commence to doing the ceremonial cabbage patch of joy!

This is just a quick message to all the World of Warcraft players out there.

I will be running my 14-day trial disc (given out at AB) today and will be playing for the next two weeks. If you want to look for me I'll be using the name Feoryn.

Just real quick I slapped some new paint on the place. What do you think of it?