"Heroman" Trailer!

Finally, the love child of Smilin' Stan Lee and Bones studio, has its own trailer! Heroman is...

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Yuri Anime "Sasameki Koto" A Wonderful Surprise

ADVERTISEMENT   I must've woken up in Bizarro World; that's the only explanation. Here I am watching...

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"Skip Beat" Doesn't, Well, Skip a Beat

ADVERTISEMENT   As I have grown disappointed of the anime industry in the past year, I decided...

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"Ladies versus Butlers!" One big Disaster!

I find that most anime series dealing with butlers have been both successful and entertaining. Hayate the...

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Episode 18: Peachy Keen

Alright, the sistahs are back in production people so gather 'round gather 'round! In this episode of...

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Episode 17: Ikki Ekkie

Hey hey, it's new podcast episode day. In this Skypecast episode of the podcast the sistahs are...

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