It seems as though no genre of game is too sacred for the investigation team of Persona 4 to break into. As the series has become more popular, they’ve broken out of the RPG mold to include a couple fighting

How do you make a horror game that isn't about the jump scare, that isn't out to frighten you every few minutes. I guess you have to be Albino Lullaby. Albino Lullaby is the digital child of developer Ape Law.

I think that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might be one of the best games ever made. Hyperbole aside, Kojima has gone out of the franchise with a bang, creating a solid action game with so much replay

A Coupla Mintes With the Sistahs #453 In this excerpt from podcast episode 453, Ninjasistah and Pandalicious are in the midst of their marathon review of the video game Destiny: The Taken King. Pandalicious:

It goes without saying that Senran Kagura knows what its audience wants. Filled to the brim with fan-service and crazy combat the series has a knack for delivering certain aspects that appeal to its male demographic (and lesbian one, too,

One of the first things that drew me to Beyond Eyes was its art style.  Watercolor is all the rage now so I am thrilled to see it come through in many things, especially in electronic media like video games. In

No need for pleasantries, this episode is all about two things: NinJa's new BB-8 iOS controlled robot, and the recently released Destiny: The Taken King DLC.

WHEW! It's hot outside, isn't it? You know what keeps me cool? Anime! OK, and I guess an air conditioner helps. As the fall creeps up on us, and everyone goes back to school, enjoy the best that the Summer season had to offer.


Returning Favorites

Ninja Slayer

Ninja Slayer season 2

Doumo, Ninja Slayer! We meet again. Ninja Slayer made a lot of anime fans mad. It's an ugly show, for sure, but it's also a great action-comedy. It's a mash-up of the cheapest animation techniques of the 70s-90s. Nearly everyone on the show is some sort of ninja, and they have to greet one another before horribly murdering each other. They call some ninjitsu techniques "karate." It's totally ridiculous, and totally worth watching.


Durarara!! X2 Seond Arc

For a show that's not prone to crazy twists and plot developments, Durarara!! still excites and entertains me. With an ever-growing cast (Izaya has family? What the hell??) Durarara!! doesn't seem to be crushed under the weight of its own story. It's funny that Izaya has, from my eye, the greatest character development this season. I have learned to see where he's coming from, but also hate his guts twice as much as I used to!

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

I am not one to watch shows about warfare in the times of horses and warfare. I could not resist the pull of Arslan. The Heroic Legend of Arslan is about a young prince who is driven from his home by a force who wishes to take the throne. With his parents both at the mercy of these invaders, Arslan has to gather an army to take back his home. The Heroic Legend of Arslan is riveting. There is all this plotting and scheming and hard decisions put on the shoulders of a child. It's not only about talking. Nearly every episode has some action in it, and it can be very brutal. I can see why the story has been adapted again and again.

I can't Understand what My Husband is Saying

I can't Understand What my Husband is Saying

Previously on I Can't Understand what My Husband is Saying, our married couple have reached a very big milestone in their lives. Their big life change isn't really focused on until the end of the season, but that's fine. I'm just here for the characters' otaku Vs. normal person relationship and the people who are part of their wedded life.

My Love Story!!

My Love Story!

I can't stop laughing. I don't think there's been a ho-hum episode of My Love Story!! The anime is about a high school boy who thinks he's going to always be unlucky in love. He's a giant mass of a high school student who isn't all that bright who finds out that a very tiny girl loves him. Tagging along is his life-long, unfazed, handsome friend. If you haven't watched My Love Story!! yet, please, please catch up! This one of the best romantic comedy anime of ALL TIME. I am so serious.


Himouto Umaru-chan

After walking away from HTC's booth at this weekend's Boston Festival of Indie Games I began piecing together everything I experienced with their virtual reality setup known as the Vive. A comfortable headset. Hand-motioned controls. The ability to use your