ESH Cast 421: I'm 90 Hours In, and I Haven't Made Any Progress

Or maybe we're just not doing it right...

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'Project X Zone' is a Crossover with a Massive Character List!

There have been quite a few video game crossovers in the past 2 years, but they can't compare to Project...

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"Anarchy" In The E3

2009's MadWorld was my favorite game of 2009 (and what first made me buy a Wii in the first place),...

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Yakuza Ready to Punch You in the Face for the 4th Time

Yakuza will see its import for the US in Spring 2011. So enjoy a teaser for the brawls to...

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"Vanquish" Demo Prepares Gamers For Epic Thrill Ride

After being in development for well over three years SEGA and Platinum Games have finally announced a release date for...

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Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of Feb. 15th

Yakuza 3!!! Yakuza, for the U.S., is the little open world beat-em-up that could, with sequels that were in danger...

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