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Episode 86: Devil May Cry, And I'm Sobbing A Little Bit Myself

With Monday nearly here, you know we had to drop a new episode of the podcast on ya! This week's episode is all about the DMC4 XB360 experience.

Pandalicious and NinJaSistah jaw over the likes, loves, and WTS moments from Capcom's newest release in the DMC franchise. I'll keep this summary short and let the episode speak for itself... well almost. Here are the titles we didn't use:

  • When Panda's Horny, She Remembers Guy's Names
  • The Newest Character In Devil May Cry? Porky Pig!
  • Hey Mr. Talisman, Tally Me Banana
  • Dante Has A Perfectly Good Reason For Killing That Guy
  • I Was Playing Devil May Cry When Dante Suddenly Became Ricky Ricardo
  • Sparda's Last Name Must Be Johnson
  • Sparda's First Name Must Be Willy
  • They Gave The Girls Really Big Bazookas This Time
  • Trish in Blackface? What Is This? A Minstrel Show?
  • Pandalicious Can't Get Her Mind Off The Pickle
  • Panda Goes Gay-Mer
  • and finally
  • Don't Throw Your Kids At Pandalicious

Yep, it's a good one indeedy. Join the sistah's in Episode 86: Devil May Cry, and I'm Sobbing A Little Bit Myself

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Rochelle "NinJaSistah" Hinds and Amanda "Pandalicious" Britton are the founders of ElectricSistaHood (ESH), and co-host of the network's flagship podcast, the ESH Cast. For nearly a decade, they have focused their journalistic efforts on video games and anime. That's - as the kids say these days - what's up.